Brass Extrusion Rods
  • Brass Rods
  • High Tensile Brass Rods
  • Riveting Brass Rods
  • Free Cutting Brass Rods
  • Profile and Flats Brass Rods
  • Naval Brass Rod
  • Lead Free Brass Rod
     Brass Extrusion Sections/Profile
  • Brass Rods
  • High Tensile Brass Rods
  • Riveting Brass Rods
  • Free Cutting Brass Rods
  • Profile and Flats Brass Rods
  • Naval Brass Rod
  • Lead Free Brass Rod
     Brass Billets/Ingots
  • Bronze Ingots & Billets
  • Gun Metal Ingots & Billets
  • Brass Ingot & Billets
  • Phosphorus Bronze Ingot & Billets
  • Aluminium Bronze Ingot & Billets
     Brass Cable Glands
  • AI BW Brass Cable Glands
  • AI CW Brass Cable Glands
  • BW Type Brass Cable Glands
  • BWL Brass Cable Glands
  • CW Type Cable Glands
  • E1W Brass Cable Gland
  • E1FW Brass Cable Gland
  • A1/A2 Industrial Cable Glands
  • GXD Brass Cable Glands
  • A2F Brass Cable Glands
  • Alco Cable Glands
  • TRS Cable Glands
  • Weather Proof Cable Gland
  • CW Aluminium Cable Glands
  • Cable Gland Kit
  • Marine Cable Glands
  • Wiping Cable Glands
  • PG Type Brass Cable Glands
  • BWL Heavy Duty Cable Glands
  • BXL Cable Glands
  • CX Cable Glands
  • CZ Cable Glands
  • Cable Glands Accessories
     Brass Pneumatic & Hydraulics Fittings
  • Compression Nuts
  • Compression Tees
  • Compression Elbows
  • Brass Male Female Elbow
  • Brass Olive Tee Male
  • Four Way male connectors
  • Brass Olive Nuts
  • Male Branch Tee
  • Compression Sleeves
  • Compression Unions
  • Compression Adaptors
  • Brass Male Elbows
  • Olive Elbow Assembly
  • Compression Connectors
  • Brass Hex Plug
  • Brass Inserts For Soft Tubing
  • Brass Flare Caps
  • Brass Flare Plugs
  • Brass Flare Tees
  • Brass Flare Nuts
  • Brass Flare Unions
  • Brass Flare Short Nuts
  • Brass Flare Long Nut
  • Brass Flare Swivel Nuts
  • 45 Degree Flare Elbow
  • 90 Degree Female Elbow
  • Inverted Flair Tee
  • Inverted Flair Male Elbow
  • Flare Reducing Union
  • Flare Female Connector
  • Cylinder Adaptor
  • Flare Reducing Elbow
  • Flare Male Half Elbow
  • Flare Male Half Tee
  • Flare Condenser Union
  • Brass Flare Male Cross
  • Female Coupling
  • Flare Nut - Long Neck
  • Flare to Solder Union
  • Forged Female Elbow
  • Forged Female Street Run Tee
  • Forged Female Tee
  • Forged Female Cross
  • Forged Street Elbow
  • Brass Forged Nuts
  • Hose Nipple
  • Brass Nut
  • Brass Nut & Nipple
  • Male Hose
  • Male Hose Long
  • Stand Pipe
  • Compression Parts
  • Compression Sleeve
     Electrical Fittings Components
  • Brass Neutral Links
  • Test Bonds
  • Socket Pins
  • Panel Board Accessories
  • Electrical Switch Parts
  • HRC Fuse Connectors
  • Insert For PVC Moulding Parts and Conduit
  • Switch Socket Boxes
  • Brass Earth Bars
  • Brass Earth Blocks
  • Brass Block
    HRC Fuse Connectors
    Special Features

    16 amp to 100 amp or as per customer specification.

    We offer brass electrical switch parts with natural or nickel plated finish.

    We manufacture 5, 10 and 15 amps plug pins and pin sockets suitable for IEC range of metal clad plugs and sockets.

    High Grade Free Cutting Brass, Brass as per IS 319 (Type 1), Brass as per BS (Type 1) or As per customer specifications. 
    Any special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement.

    Finish And Coating

    Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated, Natural Brass or any coating as per customer specification.


    ISO Metric (MM Threads)
    BA Threads
    BSW Threads (Inches)
    UNC, UNF Threads
    Any threads as per custom design.

    Length / Size

    As per Specifications or custom designs.


    HRC fuse connectors and HRC fuse links are used in Instrumentation, Telecommunications, and other Plastic Cases Assembly.

    We have a strict online quality control systems. We can make products in an accurate size / Tolerance ± 0.02 to 0.00 or as per customers drawings and specifications. Our products is being supplied to various companies in India and abroad.
    Any kind of brass electrical connectors can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.

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